Key Corporate Statement


The Preferred International Islamic Finance Talent and Development Institute


Upholding Shariah in Prospering the Financial Services Sector

Our Business

  • Develop and conduct training programs in Islamic finance.
  • Certify trained talents in areas demanded by industry.
  • Accreditation for trainers and advisers.
  • Business advisory and process documentation services.
  • Customised training.
  • Shariah advisory, Shariah audit and stock screening services.
  • IT solution certification for Islamic finance industry.
  • Knowledge management services.
  • Industry development services.

Strategic Thrusts

  • Work culture and productivity
  • Flexibility in product & services design
  • Regulator support & industry partnership
  • Units as SBUs(Small Business Units)


Industry-linked benevolent business entity

Corporate Values

Noble & Novel


IBFIM's power of sustenance comes from four sources.

  • Firstly, its tax-exempt status and as an entity closely under the purview of Bank Negara Malaysia.
  • Secondly, IBFIM's 'Circuit Board' provides flexibility and a springboard for (training) products demanded by industry.
  • Thirdly, the STFi provides stability and human capital development linkage with the industry.
  • Lastly, variegated industrial experiences and commitment of IBFIM staff significantly contribute to sustainability.